English Family

Wiltshire Map

Wiltshire Places of Interest

Nominal List of Passengers

Ship Confusion

Golden Grovel Map Before Development

Henry Tilley - Hillcott

Henry Tilley and Descendent

John Tilley and Descendent

Hillcott Farm Journal

Golden Grove Churches & School

Council Service by 3 Johns

Photo's of Councillors

Branch 1C John Henry Tilley

John & Hannah Wedding Photo

John and Hannah's Descendants

Branch 2C Alice Jane Tilley

Alice Jane Tilley's Wedding Photo

George & Florence Wedding Photo

Branch 3C George Casper Tilley

George & Florence's Descendants

Branch 4C Lewis Goddard Tilley

Branch 5C Arthur Golden Tilley

Arthur & Eva's Descendants

Branch 6C Charles Robert Grove Tilley

Branch 7C Anna Doris Tilley

Anna & Horace's Wedding Photo

Anna & Horace's Descendants

Branch 8C Frank Hillman Tilley

Frank & Clara's Wedding Photo

Frank & Clara's Descendants

Branch 9C Stanley Septimus Tilley

Stanley & Amanda's Wedding Photo

Stanley & Amanda's Descendants

The Hillman - Westphal Connection

Hillman Family

Branch 1C Emily Anna Westphal

Emily & Frederick's Descendants

Branch 2C Harriet M.G. Phebe Westphal

Harriet & Kanes Descendants

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Alphabetical List


Richardson's - Wilson's - & Tilley's

William & Esther Richardson

William Richardson-Esther Ede Wilson Marriage Certificate

William and Clara Richardson 1895

The Richardson Girls of 1918

Esther Ede Richardson

Clara Feoedore Tilley

Evonne Linda Tilley 1940  &  Wedding Day 1956

Agnes Violet Girvan at school

Agnes Violet Tilley nee Girvan

Kenneth Stokes and Erica Stokes

4 Tilley Brothers and 4 Wives

William Richardson the Race-goer-[history]

Ronald George Tilley 1944

Colin William Frank Tilley

A gathering of the Richardson's

Stanley Hillman Tilley and family

Clara Tilley nee Richardson & Brother William

Colin Tilley with Stan's Daughter Deidre

Douglas Ronald Tilley 5 years

Dudley Robert Tilley & family

Shirley and Stanley Tilley

Ronald Tilley and wife Violet

Mary Mitton/Tilley

Douglas Tilley & Lorraine Elliott  wedding

Dierdre Tilley and Anthony Stewart

Sonia, Lorraine, and Adam Tilley

Sonia Tilley and Graham Hibbert Wedding


All credit goes to the Late Brian Thompson for his research into the Tilley Heritage and History

I  compiled and digitised the original work of Brian Thompson and made onto CD version
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