Ammunition Head Stamps


.5 Browning S.A.

.22 CB cap, .22 short, and .22 Long Rifle

.22 Long rifle

.22 Short

.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire

.50 Cal next to ruler

.303 Ball Mk VII

.303 Bren gun and Vickers gun magazine followers[1]

.303 identification incl. Rifle Grenade cartridge


6-pounder Davis Projectile

7.62mm S.A.A.

7.62mm NATO cartridges in a disintegrating belt of M-13 metal links.

20 mm with .50 BMG rounds, golf ball, stick of RAM

23152 mm cartridge, drill round

30x173 b

30x173 c




American .303

American 45 Thompson M1923[1]


An M27 disintegrating belt loaded with 5.56 mm

Australian .22 ball

Australian .32 auto

Australian .32 Revolver

Australian .38 special

Australian .45 auto

Australian .50 calibre

Australian .303 AP

Australian .303 Ball

Australian .303 Blanks

Australian .303 general

Australian .303 Murray Switch

Australian .380 revolver

Australian .455 revolver

Australian 7.62 drill

Australian 7.62mm Ball

Australian 7.62mm Blanks

Australian 7.62mm Tracer

Australian 30-06 cartridges

Australian manufacturing dates

Australian propellant codes

Australian.303 Grenade launcher

Australian.303 Tracer

Austrian 8mm Solothurn

Austrian 8x50R Mannlicher

Austrian 11mm Werndl carbine

Austro-Hungarian 11.2mm Gasser revolver

Austro-Hungarian 11.3mm Gasser

Basic headstamp list for SAA

Belgian .44 Nagant

Belgian 5.7x28mm FN P90

Belgian 9mm Bergmann-Bayard

Belgian 9mm Nagant

Birmingham Metal Munitions Co. Ltd B,J,M & N

British .5 Vickers machine gun

British .30 Carbine

British .30-06

British .38 Long revolver CF

British .38 Short

British .50-70 Line thrower cartridge

British .300 revolver CF

British .303 headstamps by Crompton Parkinson

British .303 headstamps by Eley Brothers

British .303 headstamps by Government Cartridge Factories

British .303 headstamps by Greenwood & Batley

British .303 headstamps by ICI

British .303 headstamps by Kings Norton Metal Co

British .303 headstamps by Kynoch

British .303 headstamps by Royal Ord Factory Radway Green

British .303 headstamps by Royal Ord Factory Spennymore[1]

British .303 headstamps by Royal Ord Factory Woolwich

British .303 headstamps by Royal Ordnance Factory at Blackpole

British .303 headstamps by Royal Ordnance Factory at Hirwaun

British .303 headstamps by Rudge and Whitworth

British .303 rimless experimental

British .340 Short CF

British .380 Enfield revolver


British .410 Revolver Centrefire

British .440 Long Centrefire

British .440 Revolver Centrefire

British .450 No.1 Bland

British .450 Revolver cartridges

British .455 Webley Automatic 1910

British .476 Enfield Mk III

British .577 Boxer Pistol

British 7.92mm BESA

British 1918 markings on cartridge cases and charge bags

bullet symbol


Canadian .455 Colt

Canadian 7.92mm Besa

Canadian 9mm

Canadian Banded Match cartridges

Canadian Defence Industries .303, Verdun

Canadian Dominion Arsenal .303, Lindsay

Canadian Dominion Arsenal .303, Quebec

Canadian Industries Valcartier Incorporated .303, Quebec

Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle ammunition

Czechoslovakian 7.62x45 M52

Danish 8x58R

Denmark SAA introduction

Egyptian .303

Finnish .303

French .44 Buzenet

French .303

German 7.92x107 Polish anti-tank

German and Austrian headstamp codes

German WWII foreign designations for SAA

Gyrojet projectiles

Indian .380 Revolver

Indian .455 Revolver

Indian .476 Police musket

Indian.410 Shotgun

Introduction to Bulgarian SAA

Italian 7.35x51

Italian 7.65 Beretta M1915

Italian 8x57 Mauser

Italian 8x59 Breda

Italian 9mm Glisenti M1910

Italian 9mm M34

Italian 9mm M1938 Beretta

Italian 10.4mm Ordnance Revolver

Italian 12.7x81SR

Italian 13.2x99

Introduction to Japanese ammunition

Japanese .303

Japanese 6.5 x 50 Arisaka

Japanese 7MM NAMBU

Japanese 8mm Nambu

Japanese 12.7x81SR

Japanese 13.2x99 Type 93


Norwegian 10.15x61R Jarmann


Russian 7.62x39

Russian 7.62x54R introduction



types of .303

Typical Identification Marks of S.A.A.

Typical Identification of .22 and .310 S.A.A.

United States .32 Merwin, Hulbert and Co

United States .38 Merwin, Hulbert and Co

United States .41 Long Centrefire

United States .41 S & W Magnum

United States .41 Short colt SA

United States .44 Auto Mag

United States .44 Merwin Hulbert and Co

United States .44 Remington Army 1875

United States .44 Thuer

United States .44 Webley

United States .45 Colt Government

United States .45 military cartridges[1]

United States .45 S and W Schofield

United States .45 Winchester magnum

United States .50 Navy[1]

United States .50 Spotter Tracer[1]

United States .401 Magnum







Headstamp Codes